Meeting Of The Minds

After meeting on Sunday August 22, the PHIP Board of Drectors and MOTM Team are unanimous in our decision to proceed as scheduled with MOTM21. We are committed to having a magical AND SAFE Meeting of the Minds.
For obvious reasons, this decision was made hand in hand with the decision to implement a health and safety protocol. We cannot eliminate all risk, but out of love for our Parrot Head Phamily and respect for our beloved host city, we aim to make the Casa Marina as safe a place as there is on the island. The MOTM team developed a proposal. Meanwhile a nearly identical approach was being adopted as policy by Live Nation and AEG, the two largest live music event promoters in the United States, based largely on the concerns expressed and requirements of touring artists. Similar protocols have been attached to recently announced concerts of Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefers. That protocol was adopted by the Board of Directors at the August meeting.
Florida law prohibits us from requiring that registrants be vaccinated,. However, we strongly encourage you to be vaccinated for your own safety and the safety of others if you plan to attend.
The details of our safety and health screening will be sent to registrants via email and will be subject to change based on changes in conditions. For your safety and the safety of others, the COVID screening and guidelines for all attendees, vendors, performers and guests, unanimously approved by the PHIP Board, will include:
1. Proof of negative covid PCR test no older than 72 hours prior to the first day you attend. This requirement will be waived for registrants, vendors and performers voluntarily showing proof of full vaccination. We are developing a plan for an “express line” for those who prefer to present such proof in advance so that the on-site screening process is simplified and expedited. We are exploring the option of an on-site rapid test to be made available for a fee to offset costs, to be made available on a limited basis as an alternative to the PCR.
2. Temperature screening
3. Compliance with all local ordinances and host hotel requirements.
We have been closely tracking local and national developments in the pandemic as well as following other regional events and concerts which have been held safely, responsibly and successfully. We are unanimous in the belief that these health and safety protocols are in the best interest of the Phlock and are worth the effort and the logistical challenges. We are hopeful that our PHriends and PHamily will be patient with us as we work to minimize the risks not only to registrants and participants, but to the children and grandchildren and friends and neighbors to whom you will return after the event.
Although we welcome input from those with expertise and constructive suggestions from those in health care and event management, there is no need to tell us in comments or emails that this sucks. We already know that. But we believe it sucks a good deal less than a cancelation, and it certainly sucks less than it would to have any of you or your family members get seriously ill.
We understand that some may elect not to attend based on a.belief that these protocols are insufficient and others who may elect not to attend based on the belief that these protocols are invasive. We respect these perspectives and these decisions. Because the event is going forward, the “No Refunds” policy is operative. Plans are made and budgets are set based on registrations, and our charities would be the ones feeling the pain in the absence of this policy. We are happy to convert your registration to a donation and to help you arrange to pick up your MOTM “goodies” should you be unable to or decide not to attend.
Please direct questions to Bill and Rob at Thank you for your support, patience, and understanding.