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Election Officer Reminder

The positions available are President, Secretary and Community and Environmental Affairs Director. Please send your qualifications to our election officier, Rick Gibbs (RGibbs1046@yahoo.com)

Metro HH 2020-10-10

October Birthdays

Pat York - Oct 2

Ken Adams - Oct 5

Mike Wishnow - Oct 9

Denise DeGennario - Oct 10

Lisa Benatti - Oct 16

Liz Martiello - Oct 18

Karen Thomson - Oct 19

Alessia Tenebruso - Oct 22

JoAnne Brown - Oct 23

Ron Sass - Oct 25

Jim Martiello - Oct 26

Kathy Jacquette - Oct 31

If your October birthday is not on the list please let us know by filling out the form at the bottom.

Metro Elections Coming Soon…

Countdown To Jimmy Buffett @ Jones Beach

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$35 Family Memberships

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The METRO Parrot Head Club

is a not for profit organization whose purposes are to assist community and
environmental concerns and to provide a variety of social activities for people with similar tastes and interests.
Anyone wishing further information should inquire by mail to:

METRO Parrot Head Club
c/o Joe Lombardi, President
PO Box 8
Wainscott, NY  11975

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