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The 2020 Alzheimer’s totals are in and once again

you all went above & beyond the call!

Reports from the National Alzheimer’s

Association confirm the TOTAL DOLLARS RAISED by

48 Chapters … $102,171 … over our $100,000 goal!!

What a great job during such a challenging year!

WELL DONE PHIP National Team Members …



participating PHIP Alzheimer’s Teams!!

Shoreline PHC claimed First Place $9,001

Metro PHC in second Place, $8,376

Space Coast PHC in third place, $7,100

Spring Road Cleanup

If anyone has photos to share please send to MetroPHCNews@gmail.com

Not included in photos are Fred Ostuni , Greg Higgins, Brett Auletta, Ed and Kayla Kelly, Paul and Amy Schneller, John Brown and Peter Zendt. Thanks to all that attended.

Member’s Meeting, The Turning Point, Farmingdale, 5/15 4PM

Family Picnic featuring John Frinzi 7/31, PAL Field, Massapequa

It’s almost time! 
Even as we as a community and a country navigate our way through loss and tragedy amidst the most challenging time in our memories,  we look ahead to a day of renewal and rebirth and recovery when we Parrot Heads are Back on our Phins Again! And that day is coming soon. Registration for Meeting of the Minds 2021 – “Party at the End of the World”  – opens at 11:07 am Eastern Time on January 21, 2021. 

No need to knock on wood. With registration starting at 11:07 on 1-21-21 for an event that begins November 3 and runs through 11-7-21, MOTM 21 is, numerologically speaking, the safest bet you’ll ever make! And with music programs added for Wednesday and Sunday of MOTM week, it’s a Key West Jackpot – five days of music and friends and partying with a purpose in paradise. 

We will be rolling out more of the details of the entertainment program in the coming days, but you can bet your bottom dollar the lineup will include some staples – Howard Livingston and Mile Marker 24, some exciting debuts – Opening Night with “Girls Just Wanna Have Rum!”, Steel City’s Corned Beef and Curry making their first MOTM trip,  and the addition of Kelly McGuire’s Lighthouse Songwriter Showcase – and some traditional charity cases – Jim Hoehn breaks his own record by appearing at MOTM for the 76th straight year, a remarkable career achievement for a man who knows just three chords on the guitar. And of course you won’t be able to tip a shot ski without spilling tequila on a Coral Reefer! 

(Note: We are confident ww will soon be able to reveal the participation of John Frinzi, but the announcement has been delayed due to extensive negotiations and some minor litigation over the terms of his 16-page hair-and-makeup contract rider.) 
Some changes to know about:
With just a slight uptick in the registration cost to lucky $97.77, MOTM is a remarkable bargain, especially with two additional days of music added to the program! But we’ve made a couple of changes to make sure our charity beneficiaries do not take a hit during these challenging times. With sponsors tightening their belts, especially those in the hard hit hospitality industry, we are counting on Parrot Heads to come through with support for these great causes, as we always do, because it’s what we do. We’ve made two adjustments to help make it happen. 
Event tee shirts are an optional purchase. Event surveys demonstrate that some people are passionate about their event shirts while others report having entire guest houses filled with Parrot Head souvenir tees. By making the tees an optional additional purchase, we will be able to save tens of thousands for our charities without having to increase registration costs for folks who have closets full of coral and magenta tops. 

VIP Registration. For $200 (per individual or couple in addition to registration cost), you can be an MOTM VIP/Sponsor. This earns you a program shoutout, a welcome gift and other goodies, but most importantly, for the FIRST FIFTY VIP REGISTRANTS only, the option to purchase a guaranteed premium beachfront room at the Casa Marina. If you are among the first fifty VIP registrants, you need not reserve your room at the Casa. We become your “Concierge,” and we will do it for you! (Please note this is not a guarantee of any particular room or suite.) Yes, it’s an extra expense for those who choose it, and yes, the best rooms are no longer first-come-first-serve, but at least you don’t have to repeatedly call the Casa’s reservations line like a teenager trying to win a radio station prize just to get your room! 
Go to www.PHIP.com to register, beginning 11:07 am Thursday, 1-21-21. 

You must register for MOTM to reserve a room at Casa Marina. Beginning at 11:07 am on 1-21-21, book a room at http://group.waldorfastoria.com/sdumf, or call 1-888-303-5717 with code ZZPHIP for the PHIP Discount. 

Phins Up! 

Bill Connolly
Rob Hill
MOTM21 Co-Chairs

May Birthdays

Lauri Mina - May 3

Tom Maxwell - May 3

Michael Madarash - May 7

Diana Walsh - May 10

Lindsay Madarash - May 10

Evelyn Voigt - May 13

Jennifer Pino - May 16

Jimmy Plusch - May 17

Kevin Peter - May 21

Rick Romano - May 24

Kathy Lucano - May 26

Arlene Rosenthal - May 29

Kathi Berlin - May 29

Laura vonKampen - May 29

Beth Adams - May 31

John Ciano - May 19

If your May birthday is not on the list please let us know by filling out the form at the bottom.

Member’s Meeting, The Turning Point, Farmingdale, 5/15 4PM

Family Picnic featuring John Frinzi 7/31, PAL Field, Massapequa

Countdown To Jimmy Buffett @ Jones Beach

  • 15MayMetro Membership Meeting featuring Steel MargaritaThe Turning Point
    48 Motor Ave #4035, South Farmingdale, NY 11735
    4:00 pm+ Google calendar
  • 30JunLandsharks @ Tanner Park7:00 pm+ Google calendar

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$25 Single Memberships

$35 Family Memberships

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