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October Birthdays

Pat York - Oct 2

Denise DeGennaro - Oct 7

Maureen Cardoza - Sept 5

Brian Ciemnecki - Oct 8

Michael Ritter - Oct 9

Mikie Wishnow - Oct 9

Tracy Annunziato - Oct 13

Stephen Zimmerman - Oct 13

Lisa Molzon - Oct 14

Lisa Benatti - Oct 16

Jim Roche - Oct 17

Liz Martiello - Oct 18

Karen Thomson - Oct 19

Joanne Brown - Oct 23

Sean Duffy - Oct 25

Ronnie Sass - Oct 25

Jim Martiello - Oct 26

Kathleen Jacquette - Oct 31

If your October birthday is not on the list please let us know by filling out the form at the bottom

News from PHIP

To all MOTM21 registrants:
Unfortunately, we have received notice from the Coral Reefer Band of a reluctant decision to not participate in this year’s event due to health of the band members and covid risks. The full text of their announcement is below. The MOTM team is disappointed, of course. But we understand and accept the decision, knowing that the risks and the stakes are high for each of them and that their primary loyalty must be the best interests of their organization

There will be schedule adjustments and likely a major addition or two in the coming weeks, and your MOTM team remains committed to delivering an amazing, unforgettable MOTM21 despite the continuing onslaught of obstacles and challenges. We will keep you posted about the exciting developments that will hopefully offset this disappointing news.
We wish our Coral Reefer friends the best of health and Godspeed as they too navigate the challenges of our times.
Phins Up! 
Bill Connolly/Rob Hill MOTM21 Co-Chairs


PHIP News…

Hello Parrot Heads,


Hope you all are getting as excited as I am for Meeting of the Minds. In just a few short weeks we will basking in the warm weather and listening to great music with good friends.


I would like to take this opportunity to give an update on new social media, and remind you of our current accounts. With MOTM fast approaching, we will have the internet air waves working overtime. So will the cameras and the opportunity to get some awesome videos. 


 Parrot Heads in Paradise inc. next big project is to build and fill our YouTube channel with content. Videos of musical events, and Club functions, both social and charitable. We are going to add videos on subject matter such as, “Questions that Bother us So”. This can be “how to” videos, meetings and different content that you are looking for answers to. 


But what I think will be the best part to our YouTube channel, is videos of your club. This is one of the best ways to get your club’s face out there in Parrot Head Nation. To show us what you’re all about, what you love to do, your membership and all that you do. Wouldn’t it be cool for someone searching the net for Parrot Heads and your video comes up and tells them all about you… I think it would be!


I need a huge favor from you. While we are building the channel, we need to get to 1000 subscriptions to reach the next level. Please visit the link below and subscribe to our channel. 


You can find us at the following link:



Upload videos to:



Facebook - Apps on Google Play Parrot Heads in Paradise is heavily invested in Facebook with four separate pages/groups that you should join or like to stay in the know and get the latest information.


PHIP, Inc. we use this page download information to the membership. 



Parrot Heads in Paradise inc. Squawk box we use as a discussion group. You can post questions, seek advice, and just let everyone know how you’re doing out there. You do need to join to post and see content.


PHIP’S Meeting of the Minds ™️ is our avenue to get information to you about MOTM. This is the group that you will need to join to be in the know for everything Meeting the Mindstm



NEW! PHiP Parrot Head Club Events and Trop Rock shows, the purpose of this page is for Parrothead clubs to promote their events and activities and for the sharing of shows by our favorite Trop Rock artists and supporters of Jimmy Buffett and his tropical lifestyle.




Hashtag - Wikipediaour official hashtags for Parrot Heads in Paradise are #phip and #parrotheadsinparadise. For all the folks that will be going to Meeting of the Minds 2021, we are using #motm2021kw Please use this tag on everything you post during this year’s event.



Twitter: A guide for parents you can find us on Twitter @ParrotHeadsinp and @phip


 you can find us on Instagram, @parrotheadsinparadise



Thank you and enjoy all the social media that your Parrot Heads in Paradise have to offer.


See you on the island, fins up!


Vincent MacQueen

Communication and Technology, Co-Chair

Oct 2021

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